Carousel of IDEAS
Grades K-5
A comprehensive, research-based language development program for K-5 English learners at the beginning through advanced levels of language proficiency.


Set 1

Proficiency Levels:
Newcomers; Beginning-Early Intermediate

CA Proficiency Level:

WIDA Proficiency Levels:


Set 2

Proficiency Levels:

CA Proficiency Level:

WIDA Proficiency Levels:

On-Demand Webinar!

Start Strong: A Systematic Approach to Teach K–12 Newcomer English Learners

See Carousel of IDEAS in action! And how it can be used along with Frames for Fluency, our supplemental program that focuses on oral language, to develop lessons that explicitly teach vocabulary, grammar, form and functions, to support newcomer English learners.


Perfect for Newcomers

Accelerate language development with systematic vocabulary, grammar, and oral language instruction.

Systematic Scope and Sequence

Language forms (grammar) and functions (tasks) aligned with state language proficiency standards and supports the Common Core.

Oral Language Development

Daily oral practice ranging from social to more complex academic topics.
Sentence frames and scaffolds to build fluency and automaticity. Sentence frames to discuss fiction and non-fiction text.

Sentence frames from Frames of Fluency, part of the Carousel Premium Bundle Frames for Fluency

Common Core Grammar Skills

Carousel explicitly teaches and builds grammatical fluency and accuracy.

Grammatical forms include (but are not limited to):

  • Nouns (singular and plural, irregular plurals, collective nouns, articles, countable/uncountable nouns, possessive nouns, derivational nouns, content area abstract nouns, figurative language)
  • Pronouns (subject, object, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative, relative, reciprocal pronouns)
  • Verbs (present and past, irregular past, present progressive, future, imperatives, modal auxiliaries, present and past perfect, phrasal verbs, conditional)
  • Prepositions (of location, direction, time; specialized prepositions)
  • Conjunctions
  • Adjectives (comparatives and superlatives, descriptive, synonyms and antonyms, placement of adjectives)
  • Adverbs (with –ly, adverbs of time and frequency)

Scope and Sequence

CCSS Alignments