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Speak to Write (K-12): Activities that promote speaking & writing fluency
We will be sharing different interactive activities from an integrated skills approach. These activities are appropriate for newcomers at the word/phrase level to more advanced students at the story/essay level. You will leave with teaching ideas you can incorporate in your classroom for all grades and language levels.
  • increase classroom effectiveness with engaging activities that target specific language functions
  • use strategies that are appropriate for each grade and proficiency level for optimum results
  • understand the importance of emphasizing oral language in ELD

Integrated Skills: Grammar NOT in Isolation

Join us as we share strategies to teach grammar from an integrated skills approach. Use these activities in your classroom right away to incorporate grammar throughout a lesson. We will focus on grammar at every stage, from introducing the topic to direct vocabulary and grammar instruction as it relates to text work, academic skills, and writing tasks. From an integrated skills approach, grammar can be practiced through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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