IPT Early Literacy Spanish (K-1)
IPT Early Literacy Spanish (K-1)


  • To assess kindergarten and first grade students' early literacy reading and writing in Spanish
  • To provide placement information for instructional programs
  • To monitor progress and growth in Spanish language and literacy development
  • To provide diagnostic information for program planning


  • Quick, accurate, and easy to administer
  • Group administered
  • Paper-based tests only; not available online
  • Provides practice for young students in taking standardized assessments


  • Written and normed according to American Psychological Association (APA) standards
  • Up-to-date norms reflect current population of test-takers
  • Includes eight reading subtests and four writing subtests to assess the domains of reading and writing appropriate to kindergarten and first grade
  • Designed specifically for younger, less experienced test-takers


  • Includes clear rubrics to make rating students' writing easy
  • Yields Pre-, Beginning, and Early Reading and Writing stages
  • Immediate results—no outside scoring necessary; no complicated formulas to compute