IPT Reading & Writing Spanish
IPT 1 (Grades 2-3)

IPT 2 (Grades 4-6)

IPT 3 (Grades 7-12)


  • To evaluate the reading and writing skills of Spanish native speakers and Spanish language learners
  • To provide placement information for instructional programs, especially in situations where bilingual education is possible
  • To monitor progress and growth in Spanish language development
  • To provide diagnostic information for program planning


  • Group administered (paper or online)
  • Paper administration guided by administration script; online administration by the computer
  • Paced appropriately to respect students' need to determine their own reading speed


  • Written and normed according to American Psychological Association (APA) standards
  • Up-to-date norms reflect current population of test-takers
  • Reading test assesses vocabulary, vocabulary in context, reading for understanding, reading for life skills, and language usage
  • Writing test assesses student ability to generate writing that reflects common usage and academic grade-level standards


  • Immediate results—no outside scoring necessary; no complicated formulas to compute
  • Raw scores, IPT Proficiency Levels, and Designations
    • Proficiency Levels: Beginning, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, Early Advanced, and Advanced
    • Designations: Non-, Limited, and Competent
  • Standardized scores (scaled scores, percentiles, NCEs) for flexible score use
  • Diagnostic profile to evaluate students’ strengths and weaknesses relative to other students scoring at the same test level