• English & Spanish
  • Ages 2 ½ – 5 ½
  • Preschool roundup
  • English learner identification
  • Program placement
  • Progress monitoring
  • Spanish dual language programs
  • In-person and Remote testing
  • Low anxiety
  • Uses storytelling
  • Interaction between examiner and student around the storyboard and paper dolls
  • Examiner rates each response correct/incorrect while testing
  • Examiner scores responses using the OnlineIPT system
  • Online score reports available immediately
  • Proficiency Levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Designations: Non-, Limited, and Fluent
  • Standardized scores (scaled scores, percentiles, NCEs) for users who need them

Valid & Reliable
  • Based on a previous language proficiency test for preschool students with updated, age-specific content design
  • Addresses communication expectations in current preschool standards
  • Written and normed according to American Psychological Association (APA) standards
  • Up-to-date norms reflect current population of test‑takers
  • Age-specific forms = age-appropriate results
  • Child friendly
  • Quick to administer
  • Flexible examiner training
  • Easy-to-follow script for examiners to follow
  • Simple 0/1 scoring for each student response
  • Automatic application of stopping rules when test becomes too difficult for the child
  • Instant score reports