Frames for Fluency
Grades K-5

An easy-to-use oral language development tool designed to increase oral fluency of English learners.

The sentence frames provide English learners with targeted scaffolds to achieve grammatical accuracy and oral fluency.

This tool reduces teacher preparation time by providing more than 550 ready-made sentence frames to support oral language practice in a meaningful and authentic context through the use of thematic vocabulary.


Set 1

Proficiency Levels:
Newcomers; Beginning-Early Intermediate

CA Proficiency Level:

WIDA Proficiency Levels:


Set 2

Proficiency Levels:

CA Proficiency Level:

WIDA Proficiency Levels:

Perfect for Newcomers ♦ Designated & Integrated ELD ♦ Oral Language ♦ Vocabulary ♦ Grammar
Watch a 3-minute video

Oral Language Development

Daily oral practice ranging from social to more complex academic topics.
Sentence frames and scaffolds to build fluency and automaticity. Sentence frames to discuss fiction and non-fiction text.

Sentence frames from Frames of Fluency, part of the Carousel Premium Bundle
Award Winner for
Best ESL/ELL Curriculum
*Association of Educational Publishers
The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) confirms
Frames for Fluency
as an:
"Outstanding fluency program! Very impressed with amount of support, the visuals, differentiated instructions, etc. Heads and tails above the other literacy programs reviewed during judging."
—Association of Educational Publishers Judging