Renaissance Artists Who Inspired the World - Activities Get Acrobat Reader
Below are nine fun activities for you to print out and complete. Click on the Show What You Know activities to participate in written, oral, and visual performance activities. Click on Take a Test to test your knowledge of the artists from this book. Click on Just for Fun to play games and other entertaining activities!
Having trouble finding an answer? Look in the book’s Index to find clues to the answer!
Renaissance Artists—Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?(PDF: 31KB / 1 page)
Have You Met My Friend, _____________?(PDF: 79KB / 1 page)
A Portrait of an Artist(PDF: 32KB / 1 page)

Mingle and Match(PDF: 34KB / 1 page)
Multiple Choice Masterpiece(PDF: 100KB / 2 pages)
Venn Diagram: What Kind of Art Did the Renaissance Artists Create?(PDF: 64KB / 1 page)

Word Search(PDF: 39KB / 1 page)
Make a Sculpture(PDF: 73KB / 1 page)
Visit a Renaissance Museum(PDF: 50KB / 1 page)