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Frames for Fluency is the winner of the Association of Educational Publishers' for Best ESL/ELL Curriculum!
Increase studentsí English oral language fluency with a new flexible and easy-to-use award-winning oral language development tool that complements Carousel of IDEAS, 4th Edition or any core ELD/ESL curriculum. Ideal for summer school, afterschool, intervention, and bilingual programs, as well as pull-out, small group, or other ELD settings.

Grade Level: K-5

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Set Cat # ISBN-10 (Show ISBN-13) ISBN-13 (Show ISBN-10) Price
Sets 1 & 2 2-989 1-59989-381-9 978-1-59989-381-5 $1,194.00 each
Set 1 2-991 1-59989-374-6 978-1-59989-374-7 $681.00 each
Set 2 2-992 1-59989-375-4 978-1-59989-375-4 $681.00 each

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White Paper: Strategic Oral Language Instruction in ELD
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If you have any questions or comments about Frames for Fluency, visit the Ballard & Tighe Help Desk.

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