Why the IPT?

The OnlineIPT, an online oral language assessment platform based on the IPT Oral, can offer districts and educators quicker, easier, and more convenient ways to administer and score tests.

The IPT’s new online scoring option for the IPT Oral can be used to:

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How the OnlineIPT Works
With proper training, any qualified school personnel can administer and score the OnlineIPT test quickly and easily. Based on student test results, educators can tailor their instruction to help their English language learners achieve success.

How It Works:

  1. Districts choosing to use the OnlineIPT instead of test booklets are assigned a username and password.
  2. Information regarding the district and students are entered or imported into the system by district personnel.
  3. Oral tests are administered and scored instantly. Scores are recorded using the online platform.
  4. Test results are stored in the system and diagnostic reports are available at the click of a button.
  5. Teachers and district administrators can access the information at any time to download, export, import, and share information about the student.
  6. The diagnostic information can be accessed and generated at any time to inform English language instruction and, if required, prescribe remediation.


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